What is Judo!

  Judo is an Olympic Sport that is practiced by over 100 million people world wide in more than 200 countries.
Judo meaning “gentle way; is a popular and venerable Japanese martial art that has spread in popularity so far as to become an Olympic sport. It is one of the highest participation sports in the world and is such a popular sport because of its philosophical and cultural roots as well as its educational base.


Judo offers a safe and challenging environment in which students can achieve both physical and spiritual levels that can not only change the course of their lives but direct them to bigger and better things.


Judo is a sport that can be developed to Olympic participation but it is also a discipline, a recreational past time and a way of life.Judo is also a great self defense system, The core principal of judo is maximum efficiency with minimum effort, mutual welfare and benefit, for all ages from 6 years and it is never to late to start training in judo. For male and female all ages.


 History of Judo

The main objective of the martial art is to pin an opponent to the ground or force a submission by applying a choke hold or joint lock.
The three main techniques involved in modern judo are throwing techniques or nage -waza or Katame – waza which are techniques in ground work.
Submission holds are only allowed in senior judo and not in junior competition.
Jigoro Kano was born into an affluent family as the son of a head priest in 1860. Even though Kano was good at his lessons, he constantly worried about his weak physique and the bullies who used to give him a tough time. He decided to learn jujitsu but had difficulty finding a good trainer, Most people who new the art were not enthusiastic to pass them on as they considered them useless.
Finally he started training with Yanosuke Fukuda, a jujitsu master at a school.
He grew so passionate about martial arts training that at the age of 21, he started a new school to teach a new martial art called judo, consisting of some of the best moves of several prominent jujitsu styles and made safe enough to put into the Japanese school curriculum.
This was the birth of Judo!
In late nineteenth century, Kano travelled to Europe to spread judo outside Japan, Kano tirelessly worked to spread judo across the globe, even while serving in the Olympic Committee, It was a dream come true moment for Kano when men’s judo was officially announced as an Olympic event in 1964 Tokyo Olympics but only for men.
At the 1988 Seoul Olympics women’s judo was introduced as an exhibition sport and 4 years later at Barcelona became  official for women. 
At present, more than 200 countries have registered as members of the International Judo Federation.
The art and sport of judo is being promoted worldwide as a truly international sport. Every year it grows in stature and attracts people of all ages and abilities to participate in our art. 
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